• Fabio Wibmer jump his bike from a helicopter

    This 10-minute video from Fabio Wibmer features non-stop action, right from the start! We won’t give away everything, but we’ll just mention that Fabio drops out of a helicopter...

  • Mountain bike routes in UK

    Mountain bike routes for all types of rider. Looking for where to ride mountain bikes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find your ideal mountain bike trails on this map

  • Share my love of bike travel with my baby

    While we wanted to share our love of bike travel with our daughter early and often, we also wanted to keep her safe. Could we do this when she was a baby? We explored our options by looking at standard recommendations, then digging deeper into reasons for them...

  • Our Booth at Interbike Fair

    On 18-20th Sep. 2018, TIANJIN FEITA BICYCLE will attend the 37th INTER BIKE FAIR